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Ready for new perspectives
Empowering development is shaping future successes

Elena Ruh

M.Sc. B.Sc.


'Keep the soil and the brain fertile'


In organic farming the alternation of different crop rotations on agricultural land serves to improve the nutrient content, to prevent parasite infection and to help maintain soil fertility in the long term. But what does that have to do with me?

I’m used to this concept from our small organic farm that we run at home. But a life path can also be seen as a sequence of different arable crops, which in total contribute to the nutrient intake and fertility of our own learning ground. In my case, I started my bachelor's degree in “Politics and Administrative Science” at the University of Konstanz, where I was particularly interested in the political actors and complex connections on the world stage. After an internship at an automotive supplier in its organizational and human resources development department, I became interested in organizations and their development perspectives. After completing my bachelor's degree, I worked in the HR development department of a medium-sized Austrian company and focused primarily on the implementation of a company-wide talent management program. In addition, I was an active member in the cultural transformation project team.

In order to add new nutrients to my personal learning ground, I decided to do my master's degree in “Organization Studies” at the University of Innsbruck. After all, my interest in transformation processes in organizations and their sustainable implementation was strengthened. In addition, the new input encouraged me to take always a look behind the scenes, ask questions, reflect on complex issues and draw my own conclusions.

My latest learning fruit is my collaboration with TMAG, which I am very happy about and looking forward to see how it increases the activity of my learning ground.